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momotaro Hair Salon was pioneered in the 1950s by Mr. Minoru Tani (1918-2007) in Osaka, Japan. In 1972, Mr. Tani moved to the United States where he established momotaro Hair Salon on 55th Street, between Lexington Avenue and Third Avenue in New York City.

In 1975, Asami (Sammy) Miyamoto arrived in New York City to work for Mr. Tani. Only three years later, Sammy was granted ownership of momotaro Hair Salon. Currently, momotaro Hair Salon (Osaka, Japan) is owned and operated by Mr. Matsuo Ichihashi, who operates 14 stores. In 1981, Sammy opened momotaro Hair Salon in Scarsdale, NY. Several years later, he opened momotaro Hair Salon in Atlanta, GA for seven years. Around the same time, Mr. Tani opened a momotaro

Hair Salon in Frankfurt, Germany, where the store remains today. On August, 1992, Sammy closed the store on 55th Street and re-opened it on 645 Fifth Avenue, Olympic Tower in New York, N.Y., where he operated his salon for 16 years. On February, 2006, momotaro Hair Salon celebrated its 25th Anniversary. On September, 2007, Sammy constructed “The Summit Academy of New York.” On April, 2009, momotaro Hair Salon closed operation in Olympic Tower and re-opened on 22 East, 49th Street, New York, N.Y.

Presently, momotaro Hair Salon continues to operate in Japan, New York, and Germany. On December, 2012, momotaro Hair Salon will celebrate its 40th Anniversary.


Sammy Miyamoto

Asami (Sammy) Miyamoto was born on April 12, 1947 in Shimane, Japan. At the age of 18, he went to a cosmetology school in Hamada, Japan. Initially, Sammy worked in a salon located in Shimane, Japan. Shortly after, he moved to Osaka, Japan, where he worked for momotaro Hair Salon founded by Mr. Tani. When Sammy was about 28 years old, he was given the opportunity to travel to the United States to work for Mr. Tani, who had opened momotaro Hair Salon in New York City. Three years later, Mr. Tani granted Sammy ownership of momotaro Hair Salon. In 1981, Sammy opened another momotaro Hair Salon in Scarsdale, N.Y. where he raised his three daughters, Jun, Aya, and Mai, with his wife, Satsuki Miyamoto. Several years later, Sammy opened a store in Atlanta, G.A. However,

he store in Georgia does not remain today. Also, momotaro Hair Salon in New York City has relocated several in the past thirty years, but continues to service the Japanese and New York Community.

Over the past thirty years, Sammy has made many connections with the Beauty Industry and has become an icon and inspiration to many stylists, many whom have opened their own salons with the support of Sammy. In 2007, Sammy pioneered the “The Summit Academy of New York”, partnering with Top Stylists and salon owners of New York, to allow for stylists to further their career. Last, Sammy actively works to stay on top of industry trends by meeting with the beauty industry leaders and traveling frequently to countries in Asia, South America, and Europe.